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Zeaus House Washing Mould Removals

What is mould?

Mould is a type of fungi that is present virtually everywhere
whether it be indoors or outdoors. It grows in and out of
materials, from roof to your walls and ceilings.
It ranges in coloring from black, grey, green or white.
Often appearing as a smudge or stain on surfaces and
accompanied by a musty smell.


What effects can mould have?

Not only can mould be smelly and unsightly,it can be
hazardous to ones health. Depending on ones immune
system, mould exposure and allergens can lead to
many health effects from minor to major.
Mould can also pose a danger to your property
as it can to your health.
Mould can damage the surface it grows in and out
of, including paint, roofs, timber, gutters, eaves and walls.
Painting over mould will not solve the problem. It will continue
to grow underneath and eventually push through the paint
layers damaging the surface.The longer it grows the more
damage it can cause. That’s why Mould Removal is so
important in preventing further damage to your property
and its surfaces.

Exter house wash

We spray our special formulated cleaning
solution from gutters down to the ground.

*With a soft brush, by hand, we scrub the
surfaces of your home to remove grime,
dirt, mould, spider webs, etc.

*Rinse off with low pressure water, leaving
surfaces clean and allowing to air dry.
If there are hard to remove dirt and stains
we repeat the process to achieve a
professional finish.

What Zeaus House Washing offers?

Zeaus House Washing uses a special environmentally friendly
mould removal solution that penetrates deep into the surface to
remove the mould and kill the microscopic spores.

So, If you can see or smell mould out side of your home,
don’t put it off any longer. Zeaus house washing can help.

Our Professional external house washers will remove
the mould from your house whilst leaving it looking and
smelling refreshingly clean too.

Mould Removal Services Brisbane

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