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Roof Maintenance
Inspections and maintenance
give you peace of mind


We create and schedule regular inspections
plan to ensure your roof remains functional every season.

What Zeaus roofing offers
Zeaus Roofing Serves
Pre-arranged scheduled appointments
Inspection report
Roof and gutter cleaning
Downpipe flushing
Check for broken tiles
Check for cracked lead flashing
Check cracked ridge capping
Check for rusting of srcews/ iron
Home dwelling
Gated Communities
Retirement Villaries
Body Corporates
Day-care centres
Commercial properties
and more...

Avoiding major water damage.
Most of us don't pay much attention to the condition of our roof until we notice the all too familiar water stains on the inside of the ceiling.
The facts are, that most leaky roofs are preventable and with a quick inspection and some simple maintenance methods, you will save yourself time and money not to mention the painful task of finding good tradesmen to repair all the damage which could have been avoided to begin with.



Keeping your roof clean
Leaves and debris can build up on your roof very quick and before long limit and even block the water flow to the outlets (downpipes) causing water to flow back into your roof and ceilings. Your roof is made up of a series of water channels that allow water to run off
into the valley irons and gutters. Valley irons are designed to direct water to the gutters and are unable hold large amounts of water volume. So if leaves and debris are not cleared from these areas each season, they can form damming and force water directly into the roof.



As you can see in this photo on the left
the valley has a build-up of debris which restricts water flow causing water to flow over the valley iron and into your roof.
Roof valley irons
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