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Do I need to paint my house after a Zeaus house washing?
In most cases no. So many customers have said "We were thinking of painting our house" and were amazed at the results after Zeaus House washing had finished the job. Dirt, grime, mould etc build up over time causing the appearance of your home to look old and faded. Zeaus House Washing have the experience and know how to bring your home back to it's former glory

How much does external house washing cost?

Cost is dependent on a number of things including the type of design [Queenslander, split level etc.], height [low set, high set etc.] and wall type [timber, render, brick etc]. Most of the time we need to view your property to estimate the cost before giving a free quote

How long does a house wash take?
Zeaus House Washing have developed their cleaning system over the years with amazing results and have all the latest equipment to get the job done. Zeaus House Washing is also known for doing that little bit extra for their customers. Depending on the design of house, the average home can take an experienced cleaner up to 4-5 hours

Does Zeaus House Washing have insurance?

Yes, most definitely. Zeaus House Washing has full public liability insurance.

Do I need to be home when ou wash my house?

As all the work we do is external, there is no need to be at home . However, you need to ensure that all windows and doors are closed tight. Place towels over any large gaps where water may enter such as the bottom of doors or window ledges to prevent water leakage. Clothes need to be removed from your clothes line or railings. Plants, vehicles, and outdoor furniture need to be moved or covered if exposed

My roof has mould on it, how do you get rid of it?
Do I need to paint my roof after a pressure cleaning?
How much does it cost to get my roof cleaned?
How long will it take to clean my roof?

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