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Driveway Cleaning

Zeaus Driveway Cleaning
Brisbane driveway cleaning experts
"Do you need to remove years of
built up dirt and grime"?

"Do you need to get rid of those
stubborn mould spores making your
property and driveway look dirty"?

Our Brisbane driveway pressure cleaning services
provide many benefits to you and your property by
removing the build up of dirt, grime, moss and mould
out of your driveway............

Improve and add value to your property.

Enhancing the look of the exterior of your house and
bringing it back to life.

Creating a safe and hygienic environment for you and
your family as the build up of moss and mould on driveways,
concrete and footpaths can become slippery, posing a
potential hazard .
More often than not you need special pressure cleaning
equipment to clean a driveway properly.
If not it can take you hours on end to get the job completed,
or it may not get completed at all due to the busy lifestyle
you lead.

Zeaus House Washing Brisbane, specialize in high pressure
driveway cleaning and use high powered rotary pressure
cleaners. These rotary cleaners use the same water per minute
as traditional wand cleaners, but the rotary cleaner will clean a
lot faster and are environmentally friendlier than the wand,
using less water per area.

Zeaus Driveway Experts

Our cleaning solution penetrates
deep into the surface lifting and
removing years of built up dirt,
grime and mould.

We use the latest high pressure
cleaners & pressure washing
equipment and have over 20 year’s
professional house washing experience.


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